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Cambodia in Modern History: Beauty and Darkness

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The Cambodian Community of Hawaii (CCH) is a non-profit organization that seeks to preserve and celebrate Khmer Culture, and to promote interactions and understanding among people of Khmer heritage and those who bear interest in Cambodia and her culture and people. Based in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, CCH welcomes inquiries from all islands in the state of Hawaii and across the globe.

Upcoming Events: Cambodian New Year 20110Happy Cambodian New Year!

On Saturday, April 17, 2010 the Cambodian Community of Hawaii will commemorate the beginning of a New Year with Buddhist blessings, Khmer classical and folk dances, Khmer art and handcrafts, Khmer cuisine, and social dance with live band. The two-part program will be held at Puuhale Elementary School in Honolulu. The schedule is as follows:

Part I: 9am-12pm (Blessing by Buddhist Monks for Happiness, Peace and Prosperity)

Part II: 4pm-9pm (Guest and Keynote Speakers, Khmer Classical and Folk Dances and Social Dance with Khmer live band)

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Community Activities:

Exhibition: “Living Angkor”
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On January 13, 2008, Mr. Thavro Phim, an East-West Center alumni, was in Honolulu to do a special presentation on Khmer dance at the Center. He presented two presentations, one at 2pm, and a second duplicate presentation at 3:30pm on Sunday afternoon. These presentations were open to the public, and all Cambodian Community of Hawai'i members were welcome to attend. Also, CCH a reception for him after the last presentation at the Center.

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